How can humans live sustainably in cooperation with nature on planet Earth? This question first guided my path into Possibility Management in 2007 when I took part in an Expand the Box and Lab in the eco-village Tamera in Portugal. I explored many other approaches to transformational work, and over the years have yet to find anything else more effective, authentic or empowering.

A background in nature-connection mentoring and bodywork informs my coaching and trainings in Possibility Management. My work is to help people reconnect with their innate power so they can use it to take responsibility for creating the world they want to live in, without having to be perfect first. Nobody is perfect and that is a beautiful thing.  We have been conditioned to believe we are small and powerless, when really we are all kings and queens.

It is my job to guide people through transformational processes so they can access their power and live in service of Life.


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